Founded in 1973, we have been in business continuously in the central Ohio area with our office located in the Grandview area of Columbus, Ohio.

Our Practice specializes in both small and large commercial and residential projects. We have completed hundreds of projects consisting of numerous occupancy types for a variety of clients. Many accounts are with on-going clients. We are proud to have many clients who have referred our organization to friends and colleagues.


We have always attempted to provide quality professional services in a timely manner. We feel our success is demonstrated by our ability to retain clients on a continuing basis and the fact that a large percentage of our business is by referral.

From our past experience, we have learned that the best way to achieve good result is to listen, evaluate and interpret client needs so as to produce the best solutions. We must consider the site, the function, the appearance, the budget, and in many cases, the integration of the new work into the existing. By carefully proceeding this way, we can develop the design and produce results that please our clients. We consider ourselves team members. We do not design to advance our own agenda, but rather design to suit the client and their budget, program, and needs.  We wish to commit the time and resources necessary to make every project a success for the client.